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The Family Behind Clancy’s Restaurant

Brian Larson

Clancy’s Story

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the building on the uptown/river corner of Annunciation and Webster has been either a restaurant or a bar, often both, serving our uptown neighborhood.

Starting in the late 1940’s, it has been the home of Clancy’s Restaurant, originally owned by Ed and Betty Clancy. During their ownership Clancy’s was a neighborhood Bar and poor boy restaurant similar in style to those found in nearly every New Orleans neighborhood at the time.

In 1983, with the Clancy’s having no heirs to continue the business, it was sold to a group of uptown businessmen lead by Billy Slatten, Bryan Wagner and Judge Marciel Livaudais. It was at this time that Clancy’s became the white tablecloth restaurant it is today. The Restaurant that these gentlemen opened was one of the first Creole bistros which revolutionized the New Orleans dining scene in the 1980’s and became a template for the most prevalent restaurant style in New Orleans today.

In 1987 Clancy’s was purchased by Brad Holingsworth, who had worked at the restaurant since its transformation in 1983. 


Under Brad's ownership Clancy’s has become one of the leading purveyors of classic Creole cuisine and has amassed a wine cellar which is generally considered one of the finest in New Orleans.

Today, Clancy’s continues to be a family restaurant operated by Brad and Sue Hollingsworth and Brian and Mary Larson.

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