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There are dishes on Clancy’s menu that require explanation. “Pannée veal Annunciation,” for instance, is a brazen (and delicious) schnitzel-fettuccine Alfredo merger. “Lamb chops Webster”: horseradish compound butter melting over three rosy chops, with sides, including a potato pancake. Other dishes are exactly what the menu says they are: “oyster and artichoke gratin,” or, my favorite, “veal chop with roast tomatoes and a fresh herb demi-glace.”  Read Full Article >

Best of Award of Excellence since 2004. Read Full Review >

A neighborhood bistro beloved by locals for top-notch wines and great cooking. Read Full Review >

...this Uptown bistro helped redefine the New Orleans fine dining experience...  Read Full Review >

...decadent, fried, cold-smoked, crab-topped soft-shells served alongside...  Read Full Review >

Where to Eat the Best Softshell Crab

...Clancy’s opened as a family restaurant in the late 1940s, but...  Read Full Review >

One of the Best Family Owned Restaurants in the Country

This Audubon neighborhood tradition boasts terrific contemporary Creole cooking and strong drinks from the well-stocked bar...   Read Full Review >


4.6/FOOD   4.4/DECOR    4.5/SERVICE

Clancy’s is the Uptown answer to Galatoire’s, with a passionate local following and a menu of simple but very good New Orleans style cooking. Its kitchen leans largely on traditional Creole restaurant dishes of the kind that the newer, more vogue-conscious bistros hesitate to serve. Read Full Article >

1. Clancy's. Uptown: 6100 Annunciation. 504-895-1111. The frequent visits from regulars and their connections with the other regulars hold the course. Owner Brad Hollingsworth... Read Full Article >

The dining room is understated and elegant, the waiters wear tuxedos but are loose with the regulars and the only thing more impressive than the wine list is the amount of crabmeat this kitchen dispatches.. Read Full Article >

Understatement characterizes the mood at locally beloved Clancy's, and the classy but neutral décor reflects this, though the scene can get lively. The small bar is usually filled with regulars who know one another... Read Full Article >

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